Welcome dear ones,
I'm Sybille and this is a
Kisses to all of you.
Anonyme said:
you thought of me omg really? *3* i'm very good! how were your holidays? c:

yes i thought that i wanted to talk to you when i’ll be back :)

GREAT really great! and you?

Anonyme said:
hello! how are you? *u* it's been a while, i missed you! --bae

i’m great! i missed tumblr and the internet and you of course :) i even thought of you the other day ^^

how are you?

Anonyme said:
i don't know i like it but i'm still creepy c:

you’re creepy in a good way :)

i love talking to you, i like you <3

Anonyme said:
sad that you don't think i'm a creepy follower :( ---bae

you’re the best anon ever don’t you like it?? :)

i prefer the term bae than creepy follower don’t you?

Anonyme said:
i do! i graduated with mention assez bien i'm happy c: i'm in holidays for real now!!! --bae

that’s great! i’m so happy for youuu <3 :)

Anonyme said:
hello!!!! how did you do in your exams then? c: --bae

i don’t have my results yet. but i hope they’re good :)

and you??

Anonyme said:
oh no, please don't go :( i haven't been talking to you a lot but i had my last exam today we can talk now!!! i'd miss you :( --b.a.e

i hope you did well :) my last exam is friday, i can’t wait to be on holidays! we’ll talk, don’t worry about that <3 

my best anon ever i really do love you!

Anonyme said:
oh yeah i remember that i had it last year too :( i have to get up early every day to study because i have two orals on the 26 and 27 that are really difficult AND a high coeff on top of that and it's really the borderline between passing and failing for me. sighs this sucks. --bae

i failed —’

i have an oral too! but on the 29. 

did you something yesterday? (fête de la musique)

Anonyme said:
hello! how was your day? are you doing anything for the fête de la musique? --bev

no i’m doing nothing :’( 

bac sciences tomorrow! —’

Anonyme said:
hello! it's been a while, how are you? --your anon


i’m glad you’re back!! i missed you!

i’m not as often as before on tumblr these days because i have exams coming. 

i worked all morning but i’m taking a little break rn. 

how are you??

Anonyme said:
i haven't had time to go to the tim burton thing yet :( it's sad and i don't even live far from there! but you had fun so it's nice :D x

yes! and it wasn’t the best part! i just came back from my birthday surprise party! it was my best birthday ever i think! ^^

you should really go to this exhibition :)

Anonyme said:
always the same anon! i hope i don't come across as creepy, i just really like sendind anon love haha

i just wish you would send me simple love and not anon love :)

but if you want to stay an anon, i’ll let you! i love your messages <3

Anonyme said:
yes, i am the same anon! the weather is good today here, i hope you get to enjoy it :) x

great :) i really like you anon! 

and yes i enjoy the weather i hope you do too ;)